Men and Machine ®   435 S York St, Mechanicsburg, PA  17055

Men and Machine
The Two-Man Five Piece Band
plays for fraternal clubs, campgrounds, fairs and private 
parties all over Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.  
The wide variety of music we play (good old rock & roll, 
country, oldies, classic rock, blues, soul, top 40, swing and  original tunes) appeals to people of all ages. All of our repertoire comes from requests we have had from 
audience members over the 30 years the band has been 
Men and Machine uses a combination of live and 
pre-recorded music (all made by the two of us) to create 
the sound of a five-piece band, Between us, we play ten 
different instruments throughout the show.
We can bring you the sound of a band at half the cost.
For more information,
or call (717-766-0139)

Men and Machine
for a
Family Dance Party
Our band has been playing family-oriented rock & 
roll and country music at camp resorts, school PTO 
parties, and other family events for many years! We 
play at a camp resort just about every Saturday from  
April through October in Pa, Md and NJ. (Some we 
have played at every year for 29 years!)  
We are fathers and teachers, and we love audiences 
where parents and grandparents and kids all dance 
together. The wide variety of music we play (good 
old rock & roll, country, oldies, classic rock, top 40, 
and original tunes) appeals to people of all ages

Men and Machine features
Matthew Dodd on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica and mandolin.
Larry Gildner on harmony vocals, lead guitar, bass and keyboards.
and Roland the electronic drum machine.

In our live shows, all lead parts are played live, while the backing parts 
have been pre-recorded. All instruments played by the two of us.

Here are two videos of Men and Machine performing live two of their original songs.